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Products & Services

QTS offer an extensive range of telecommunication services including:

Calls & Lines products. QTS offer both call and line rental packages:

  • Voice products - We offer call traffic at extremely competitive rates using:
    • Carrier Pre Select (CPS) uses an industry standard process to route calls from the local BT exchange to another carrier's network. CPS is seamless and does not require any physical, configuration or connection changes to your telephone, keysystem or PBX/Switchboard.
    • Indirect Access (IDA) is effectively the predecessor to CPS which either requires a configuration change or a dialler being installed on the customer lines. As this process is more invasive and requires an engineer on site IDA has effectively been superseded by CPS.
  • Wholesale Line Rental
    • Analogue lines - Ideal for small businesses as well as being a pre-requisite for any broadband or facsimile installations.
    • ISDN2 or ISDN30 lines - For larger businesses, these Digital services offer more functionality and are more cost-effective than Analogue lines.
    • Ancillary services such as DDI numbers, number porting from other operators, call bar, call divert and numerous other features are also available.
Connectivity products. QTS offer a wide range of solutions:
  • Broadband- Available with static IP addresses
    • 50:1 Broadband packages - Basic broadband packages from 512kbps to 8Mbps
    • 20:1 Business broadband packages - Lower contention ratios offer improved quality and speeds (from 512kbps to 8Mbps)
  • SDSL ( Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line ) - Ideal for businesses that have a requirement for high speed, high bandwidth data transfer both up and downstream. These provide symmetric throughput from 512kbps to 2Mbps and low contention ratios of 10:1 and 5:1 with Service level Guarantees and managed installations (if required)
  • Leased Lines - These are permanent, always on connection between two locations. It is a dedicated, private line and only carries communications and traffic from your company, resulting in a guaranteed level of service. High speed connections up to 1Gig are available.
  • MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) is a family of methods for harnessing the power of MPLS to create Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). MPLS is well suited to the task as it provides traffic isolation and differentiation without substantial overheads.

Mobile - QTS offer calling packages from all major networks as well as BlackBerry push technology, which pushes your email to your chosen BlackBerry enabled mobile device

NGN (Non Geographic numbers) - QTS offer the full range of NGN numbers (including 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 and Personal numbers)which will give you greater flexibility and control over how the inbound call is handled. Call handling can be programmed to vary by caller's geographic location, time of day, percentage distribution over several sites, etc. Depending on the type of number chosen and call volumes, NTS services can be either subsidized by the end user, self funding or even revenue generating.

Telecommunications are critical to an organization's success. With such a wide range of services we will be delighted to discuss the most suitable options for you.

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